Pocket Venue v 1

Pocket Venue connects to your Lectrosonics Venue wireless receiver via serial or ethernet. Battery voltages, frequency read outs, transmitter and receiver status is all in your pocket!

I am currently looking for beta testers for this app. If you are interested in testing with your Venue WB receiver please Sign up to be added to the testers list via Apple TestFlight.

What you need to be a Tester

  1. Lectrosonics Venue WB with receiver modules installed
  2. Lectrosonics Venue 2 reciever with modules installed
  3. If using a Venue WB unit, you will need a iTach RS232->IP unit connected to the Venue serial port
  4. A wireless router connected to your Venue(s)
  5. An iPhone or iPad running iOS 9.0 or newer,
  6. TestFlight account or iTunes connect account

Sign up to be a Beta Tester:

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