Pocket Venue FAQ

Frequency Asked Questions:

  • How does Pocket Venue connect to the Venue?

    • Pocket Venue connects over a WiFi network. For the Venue 2, simply connect a wifi router to either of the Ethernet ports. For the Venue WB units, a serial to TCP addapter is required in addition to the wifi router. The serial addapter converts the serial data from the Venue WB to a TCP stream for WiFi networking. Clobal Cache's IP2SL device works well for this.Flow Graph for connecting a Venue WB

  • What you need to use Pocket Venue:

    • Lectrosonics Venue WB with receiver modules installed

    • Lectrosonics Venue 2 reciever with modules installed

    • If using a Venue WB unit, you will need a iTach RS232->IP unit connected to the Venue serial port

    • A wireless router connected to your Venue(s)

    • An iPhone or iPad running iOS 10.0 or newer

  • What does Pocket Venue do that I can't already do?

    • Currently the only way to monitor the status of many wireless channels is via the Venue front panel, or via a Mac/Windows¬†Laptop or Windows Tablet running Wireless Designer. Pocket Venue aims to make the task of monitoring and coordinating many channels of wireless simpler, faster, and more portable.

    • Whatch this brief video that shows a few ways Pocket Venue can help make managing wireless easier.¬†

  • Why does Pocket Venue cost $29.99

    • There are many, many, many features planned for Pocket Venue. In the App Store, you only have to pay once and will recieve free updates for the life of the App. Pocket Venue is priced according to the value and power of these future releases.